A Seastorm é uma Venture Builder!

 We are passionate entrepreneurs, focused in building digital businesses in the new economy. We transform ideas into products, and products in winning startups. The concept behind us is also named “Startup Studio”, a framework where each startup is unique, mas o Studio Seastorm fornece uma base sólida para o crescimento.

For more than 10 years we have been developing technology-based companies. With our own capital and an experienced team, Seastorm applies a flexible framework and takes care of everything that involves the start-up companies, in a way that extraordinary people can devot theemselves exclusevely to the development of the businesses, multiplying the chances of success of each idea.

TECHNOLOGY and networking

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We navigate together past the most critical and risky phases of a companycompany, when the strategy to be followed is still under construction, and our capital, experience and networking will help walking the path towards reaching the full potential that each startup is to achieve.
We identify ideas which are at the exact moment to be developed, and to escalate. We believe in entrepreneurs and co-founders who defy the status quo.

Who believe that innovation is a simpler, easier and different way to do something that already exists (or that is yet to be created)! We go beyond the standard UX by truly understanding the connection between clients and brands (B2B and B2C).

This is our game, and we are sure that we will make each entrepreneur perform and the businesses amazing.


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